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Data science ,Analytics & AI Real world Project using Python

Master AI , Data Analytics , Machine Learning & Data Sceince by solving Real-Life Analytics Problems using Python. (source:

Data science ,Analytics & AI Real world Project using Python
Data science ,Analytics & AI Real world Project using Python

What you’ll learn

  • Go from zero to hero in Entire Pipeline of AI/Data Science/Machine learning from Data Collection to building a Machine Learning Model
  • Various Feature Engineering Techniques & how to apply it in Real-World
  • How to Approach a problem in Real-world..
  • Solve any problem in your business, job or in real-time with powerful Data Sceince & Machine Learning algorithms
  • Case studies


This is the first course that gives hands-on Data Science, Analytics & AI Real world Projects using Python..

This is a practical course, the course I wish I had when I first started learning Data Science.

It focuses on understanding all the basic theory and programming skills required as a Data Scientist, but the best part is that it has Practical Case Studies covering so many common business problems faced by Data Scientists in the real world.

This course will cover the following topics:-

  • All basic stuffs of Python
  • Loops and conditionals
  • Functions
  • Working with Text data using Regular expressions
  • Numpy ,seaborn, matplotlib ,plotly and pandas library
  • Some Other fancy libraries like- fuzzywuzzy

Along with python programming, this course will cover other data analytics concepts such as

  • Data Visualization
  • Data cleaning
  • Query Analysis
  • Data Exploration
  • Statistics and Probability concepts
  • Feature Engineering
  • Featurization
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Machine Learning
  • Model Hypertuning

Data Scientist has become the top job in the US for the last 4 years running!” according to Harvard Business Review & Glassdoor.

This course seeks to fill all those gaps in knowledge that scare off beginners and simultaneously apply your knowledge of Data Science , Machine Learning  , Data analysis  ,, Natural Language Processing to real-world business problems.

Who this course is for:

Who this course is for:

  • Data Scientists who want to apply their knowledge on Real World Case Studies


Link đăng ký miễn phí (ngày 30/3/2022, 1000 slots đăng ký đầu tiên):

Ethical Hacking Foundation – Part 1

“An Insight into the OSI Model and Protocol Suite!

Ethical Hacking Foundation - Part 1
Ethical Hacking Foundation – Part 1

What you’ll learn

  • In this course the you will learn the OSI Model, various mnemonics, protocol data units etc.
  • You will go through the various layers in detail with real time examples and caselets.
  • You will learn the TCP/IP protocol suite
  • You will get insights on range of IPv4 & IPv6 and domain name system hierarchy.

This brief course will cover the OSI model layer by layer and go through some practical applications of these layers in the networking field. Students will begin to understand what is the function of each of the layers and they will be able to connect the layer number to the layer name. For instance they will know that layer 3 is the same as network layer and what protocols are functional at each of the layers and what are the responsibilities of each layer.

This will be a good foundational course for the students who want to further pursue the networking career. This can further build on this basic knowledge to take it further.

Section 1:

We start off where we left, in the previous course on “The Absolute Beginners Guide to Cybersecurity & Hacking” we dealt with the fundamental concepts such as Basic Network, CIA Triad, Network concepts, Security Operations Center and Job Roles. Section 1 starts with a refresher on network concepts, topologies etc and connects you to the previous course.

Section 2&3:

These two sections give a good insight on the OSI Model and all the Layers:

a)Physical layer b)Data link layer c)Network layer d)Transport layer e)Layered packet format f)Flow control g)Error control

f)Connection-orientedness vs connectionless g)Session layer and responsibilities h)Presentation layer and its

responsibilities i)Summary of layers

Section 4:

In this section students will learn important concepts like TCP/IP protocol suite and Domain name system hierarchy.”


Link đăng ký miễn phí:

Ethical Hacking Foundation – Part 2

Ethical Hacking Foundation - Part 2
Ethical Hacking Foundation – Part 2

Gain the knowledge hackers use to compromise systems and use it to protect your own!

What you’ll learn

  • You will learn the different components of Hacking: Reconnaissance, Scanning, Gaining access, Maintaining access & Clearing tracks.
  • You will have a firm understanding of places of hacking and mind map.
  • You will gain insights of denial of service and distributed denial of service
  • You will gain clality on syn flooding attach using hping3, counter measures and Metasploit test.


  • You should have completed the previous course in order to continue learning. Course : Ethical Hacking Foundation – Part 1


You will learn the different components of Hacking: Reconnaissance, Scanning, Gaining access, Maintaining access & Clearing tracks. You will have a firm understanding of places of hacking and mind map apart from gaining insights of denial of service, distributed denial of service, syn flooding attach using hping3, counter measures and Metasploit test.

Section 1: Components of Hacking:



Gaining access

Maintaining access

Clearing tracks

Section 2: Ethical hacking Mindmap

Ethical hacking

Places of ethical hacking

Mind map

Section 3: DoS and DDoS

Denial of services

Symptoms of dos attack

Slow performance

Increase in spam emails

Unavailability of a resource

Loss of access to a website

Denial of access to any internet services

Distributed denial of services (DDoS)

DoS/DDoS attack techniques

Land and flood attacks

Service request floods

Section 4: SYN flooding attach using hping3

Section 5: Counter Measures


DoS/DDoS countermeasure strategies

Detech and neutralize handlers

Monitoring the activities running on a system of network

Deflect attacks by load balancing

Mitigate attacks disabling unnecessary services

Intrusion detection systems

Wavelet analysis

Section 6: Metasploit test

Metasploit is so popular is the wide range of tasks that it can perform to ease the work of penetration testing to make

systems more secure. Metasploit is available for all popular operating systems.





Type of Cybercrime

  • The following list presents the common types of cybercrimes:
  • Computer Fraud: Intentional deception for personal gain via the use of computer systems.
  • Privacy violation: Exposing personal information such as email addresses, phone number, account details, etc. on social media, hacking a websites, etc.
  • Identity Theft: Stealing personal information from somebody and impersonating that person.
  • Sharing copyrighted files/information: This involves distributing copyright protected files such as eBooks and computer programs etc.
  • Electronic funds transfer: This involves gaining an un-authorized access to bank computer networks and making illegal fund transfers.
  • Electronic money laundering: This involves the use of the computer to launder money.
  • ATM Fraud: This involves intercepting ATM card details such as account number and PIN numbers. These details are then used to withdraw funds from the intercepted accounts.
  • Denial of Service Attacks: This involves the use of computers in multiple locations to attack servers with a view of shutting them down.
  • Spam: Sending unauthorized emails. These emails usually contain advertisements.

Who this course is for:

  • Students and Professionals interested in a career in Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking
  • This course is for Beginners and not for advanced audience. Hence the faculty explains each concept in detail and demonstrates with relevant tools where required.

Link đăng ký miễn phí trong 24h (1000 slots):



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