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The Data Literacy Course: Learn How to Work With Data

Read, Understand, and Analyze Data. source:

The Data Literacy Course: Learn How to Work With Data
The Data Literacy Course: Learn How to Work With Data

What you’ll learn

Acquire Data Literacy
Learn from a Professional with a Proven Track Record and Valuable Experience
Master the Language of Data
Interpret Data Professionally
Become Familiar with Modern Business Analytics Techniques
How to Use Data to Improve Business Decisions
Advance Your Career
Make Better and Faster Decisions Using Data
Employ Data Effectively
Uncover Findings and Insights Independently

  • Description

Being data literate means having the necessary competencies to work with data.

Regardless of your field of expertise – if you want a rewarding career path – you will certainly benefit from these skills.

Any manager or business executive worth their salt is able to articulate a problem that can be solved using data.

So, if you want to build a successful career in any industry, acquiring full data literacy should certainly be one of your key objectives.

Someone who is data literate would have the ability to:

  • o Articulate a problem that can potentially be solved using data
  • o Understand the data sources involved
  • o Check the adequacy and fitness of data involved
  • o Interpret the results of an analysis and extract insights
  • o Make decisions based on the insights
  • o Explain the value generated with a use case

You will acquire all these skills by taking this course. Together, we will expand your quantitative skills and will ensure you have a solid preparation.

The course is organized into four main chapters. First, you will start with understanding data terminology – we will discuss the different types of data, data storage systems, and the technical tools needed to analyze data.

Then, we will proceed with showing you how to use data. We’ll talk about Business Intelligence (BI), Artificial Intelligence (AI), as well as various machine and deep learning techniques.

In the third chapter of the course, you will learn how to comprehend data, perform data quality assessments, and read major statistics (measures of central tendency and measures of spread).

We conclude this course with an extensive section dedicated to interpreting data. You will become familiar with fundamental analysis techniques such as correlation, simple linear regression (what r-squared and p-values indicate), forecasting, statistical tests, and many more.

By the end of the course, you will learn how to understand and use the language of data.

Your instructor for this class will be Olivier Maugain. Very few online courses are taught by people with his professional track record. Olivier has worked in various industries, such as software distribution, consulting, and consumer goods. In his current role as Decision Intelligence Manager at a major European retailer, he supports the organization in making better and faster decisions using data.

You’re about to enroll in a course that can boost your entire career!

Who this course is for:

People Who Want a Successful Career in Business
Business Executives
Ambitious Managers
Business Intelligence Analysts
Business Analysts
Financial Analysts
Anyone Who Wants to Understand How to Measure Business Performance


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