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Automated Machine Learning for Beginners (Google & Apple)

Learn AI: Computer Vision, NLP, Tabular Data – build powerful models with Google AutoML & Apple CreateML

Automated Machine Learning for Beginners
Automated Machine Learning for Beginners

What you’ll learn



Start your path into artificial intelligence with automated machine learning!

The goal of this course is to provide you with an overview of artificial intelligence, including the steps involved in developing AI machine learning models in a simplified manner. Put aside the mathematical equations and the Python code, and focus on what actually is important.

The Architecture of the Course Ensures the Highest Quality Cognitive Learning Results

Richard Shinn, who holds a PhD in artificial intelligence and is the CEO of AIBrain, is the Chief Architect of this training program. Learning would begin with learning by examples, then move on to learning based on denotational semantics, and finally move on to learning based on operational semantics. He developed the entire framework of the course to assist students in acquiring cognitive skills. When we are dealing with the intricacy of real-world problems, this strategy, which consists of two steps, is quite effective.

Gain Practical Experience

You will begin gaining practical experience on day one. You will develop Machine Learning models using AutoML by following the instructions of our lab instructors. You will finish the course with the ability to construct an operational mobile application that is powered by AI. In accordance with the dictum of Richard Feynman that “What I cannot build, I do not comprehend,” our instruction begins with the acquisition of practical knowledge.

Deepen your Skills

Along with each lab, you will have practical homework assignments to complete so that you can ensure you have a comprehensive understanding of everything covered in the class. The skills you’ve acquired during the course will be reinforced with the help of individual homework assignments that correspond to each lab.

Acquire a Certificate from a Prominent Artificial Intelligence Company

Get an authentic certification from a top AI business to jumpstart your career in the field of artificial intelligence. After you have finished the training, you will be given a certificate of completion that has been checked for accuracy.

Finish your term project by creating your own machine learning model.

You will come up with the concept for your very own AI-driven product that makes use of machine learning as part of this class. Initially, you will construct a basic, low-fidelity prototype of an AI-powered application. After that, you will use AutoML to develop a specialized machine learning model for your concept.

Receive Individualized Direction and Counseling

In the event that you want assistance with your homework assignments, there are lab instructors ready to provide one-on-one assistance. Feel free to contact our lab instructors whenever you need help inside the AI School Community.

Participate in the Community of the AI School

Utilize our active AISchool Community and the Discord channel to engage in conversation with your contemporaries and take advantage of the community’s power. Discuss both your queries and your replies with the other students and the lab instructors.

Evaluate your Progress

Throughout the course of your journey, you will regularly be presented with quizzes to assess both your level of progress and your level of comprehension of the content. This will assist you in continuously measuring your achievement as well as assisting you in checking your comprehension of fundamental ideas.

Establish and Maintain Professional Relationships

Maintain communication with your contemporaries and cultivate a professional network of AI practitioners who share your values. Within our community, we offer a specialized alumni channel for each and every person who has successfully completed our training program.

The course will guide you through four distinct subjects that have been meticulously organized.

  • Topic 1

An Overview of the Automated Machine Learning Process

Learn how AutoML is changing the data science game by making it possible for anybody to build machine learning models without having to write a single line of code. Before you construct your very first AI-powered smartphone application in just 30 minutes, you need first become familiar with the 5-Step Machine Learning Pipeline, which can be used to tackle any Machine Learning challenge.

  • Topic 2

Vision artificial intelligence with Google AutoML and Apple CreateML

Artificial intelligence can assist computers in interpreting and comprehending digital images. You will train models in this section so that they are capable of accurately locating and classifying items.

  • Topic 3

Tables and Natural Language Processing Using Google AutoML and Apple CreateML

AI enables computers to understand written and spoken language in the same way that humans do. Train models to classify content and emotion using posts from social networking sites and fresh articles.

Artificial intelligence is capable of analyzing patterns across data sets that contain various factors. To make accurate forecasts of property prices, use tabular data.

  • Topic 4

Integrate AI into a Program or Application

It is simple to deploy models onto your device, and then you may test it in real-world conditions.

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No Oil Cooking Recipes – Eat Healthy! Live Strong!

Cook yummy food without a drop of oil

  • 3.5 hours on-demand video
  • 4 articles
  • Full lifetime access

What you’ll learn

  • You will be confidently able to cook delicious recipes without using a drop of no oil
  • If you are not sure about cooking without oil, don’t worry. I have included recipes for beginners like you to gain confidence with “no oil cooking”
  • I have included recipes where you can start with oil spray and move on with absolute no oil cooking
  • This course will change your outlook towards the way you look at the healthy eating.
  • You will realize that healthy eating can be achieved even when you are not eating boiled or steamed food.


It’s true that life is all about making concessions, isn’t it?

If you assume that engaging in regular physical activity would excuse you from the consequences of poor eating habits, you are mistaken. The unfortunate reality is that if you spend an hour doing strenuous exercise in the gym for a greasy double cheeseburger or if you rely on a good metabolism to take the place of healthy eating habits, you are utterly missing the objective of living a healthy lifestyle…

Eating in a way that is healthy is not at all easy, simply due to the fact that we humans are incredibly complicated organisms. It’s possible that, somewhere in the back of our brains, we know that we eat in order to provide fuel for our bodies, but in reality, the majority of our decisions around food are driven by how much satisfaction we get from it. And this is the primary reason why it has become so difficult in today’s world to transition to healthy eating habits: we are just not willing to give up the aspect of flavor and the satisfaction that it offers along with it.

What if I told you that despite this fact, you are still able to select a nutritious alternative? You only need to steer clear of a single thing, and that would be “OIL.”

Don’t worry, I’m not going to tell you to eat tasteless food or try to convince you that you should only consume food that has been boiled.

In this class, I have broken down the mysterious steps that must be taken in order to prepare excellent meals without using any oil. I have provided you with 9 recipes to get you started, and I will continue to add more recipes in the future.

I would be grateful for your participation in discovering new methods of cooking without the use of oil, and I will be looking forward to hearing from you in the discussion area about what you are interested in learning more about, and I promise to develop it specifically for YOU.

My goal is to build a group of individuals who are committed to eating healthily and who will not resort to fad diets in order to attain their weight loss goals; rather, they will alter their way of life in order to become a HEALTHY YOU.

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