POWER BI data Analytics Course and DASHBOARDS creation 2022 | Free

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POWER BI data Analytics Course and DASHBOARDS creation 2022

Power BI Dashboard Advanced Example, Better ways to create Advanced Power BI Visualization and impress your Boss, Now.

POWER BI data Analytics Course and DASHBOARDS creation 2022
POWER BI data Analytics Course and DASHBOARDS creation 2022
  • 16 hours on-demand video
  • 15 downloadable resources
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of completion

What you’ll learn

  • Learn how to create a clean decision making dashboard in POWER BI
  • How to sign up for Power BI Service without a working email
  • You will learn how to Get and Transform multiple sources of data, including merging multiple files from a folder, pivoting and unpivotting.
  • Create designs from Power Point and import to Power BI to make your designs outstanding
  • Master data analysis expression (DAX) for Power BI Desktop and build better dashboards
  • How to join data challenges and win amazing prices


  • You will need Windows 8.1, 10 or 11, Sql server, to install the Power BI program.
  • Analytics mindset
  • Pc or desktops computer
  • Microsoft Power Point



Today I’m going to share with you my whole journey as a POWER BI Data Visualization Engineer. All I do is help companies and organizations or clients create an outstanding and well-built interactive Power BI Dashboard to help them understand trends and other metrics.


I don’t care If you have any analytics background before now, this course dives deep down into every elementary you need to grow and get creative as a POWER BI Analyst and Data Visualization Engineer.

This course is 100% practical with real-life data to understand how to approach projects, and what to do to achieve the aims of your clients or your boss in the office.

You might be good at writing DAX in POWER BI but not always cool with the end results of either your reports or dashboards, I am going to say that is why I am here. I am here to help you with DAX, data cleaning, and transformation using POWER QUERY.

My dashboards look stunning and outstanding because I use an external tool called POWERPOINT to create beautiful background temples. In this course, I am going to teach you how to use PowerPoint to create a background template for your dashboards and import it to POWER BI.

I went through some POWER BI dashboards challenges I had taken part in and won some.

As soon as you complete this course, you can apply for a Power BI job with no fear. Take part in data challenges and show them what you got.

Are you ready now? If you are, sign up for the course.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners, intermediary, and advanced Power BI users
  • For analyst who wants to get a lot better at dashboard creation
  • For someone who wants to work as freelancer and help businesses from HOME
  • No prior experience in reporting tools or DAX function is required.
  • This course may not be for you if you have no interest for data analytics skills

Source: udemy


English Grammar tenses & structures

Be an expert in the English grammar tenses and structures ( Active & Passive ).

  • 1 hour on-demand video
  • 46 downloadable resources
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Assignments
  • Certificate of completion

What you’ll learn

  • Learn subject, verb, and how to agree between them.
  • Build complete and perfect sentences in the English language.
  • Learn the different kind of tenses in the English grammar language.
  • How to write English sentences in both active and passive voice.
  • Learn the different cases of ( If clauses ).
  • Modal verbs and how to use them.
  • Continuous assignments & quizzes with answers.
  • Download separate audio files.


  • Just know the basics and we will take you step by step.


It is a well-crafted course. It teaches you how to build English grammar sentences which are perfect in both structures and tenses. It takes you to step by step to be able to differentiate among subject, verb, and object. It enables you to transform any English sentence from active to passive and vice versa. We provide you with daily quizzes that come with model answers.



Become A Tower Crane Operator

This Course Will Give Students a Basic and Strong Foundation to Become a Tower Crane Operator.

What you’ll learn

  • Unseen Footage and Education on How to Obtain a Tower Crane Operator License.
  • Introduction to a Tower Crane.
  • How to Operate the Tower Crane.
  • Live Practical Test Demonstrations.
  • Theory Test Questions and Answers.
  • Explanatory on Where and How to Find Work.


  • No Experience Needed. You Will Learn Everything You Need in the Course.


Welcome to the tallest machines in the world.

I would like to take this moment to thank God for blessing me with this career for 6 years. Thank you for providing me with everything I need and more. Thank you for the places I have seen. Thank you for the people I have met. Thank you for the opportunity to pursue more of my dreams.

I pray the students who take this course have understanding, have courage and are blessed in the pursuit of their new career.



Everybody around the world looks at these cranes in amazement but very few actually know what it is like on the crane or operating the crane.

Students of this course will see fantastic, quality footage from the top of the crane and operating the crane in an exam style.

There is a finesse to catching the swings on these magnificent machines to keep it steady, which we go through in this course.

There are insights on theory and practical exams, from what to check at the base of the crane, to the checks climbing the tower and eventually reaching the top of the crane, where we do our final checks before we start the operating.

Last but certainly not least! I give valuable information on getting your license and finding work.


Who this course is for:

  • New Crane License Holders.
  • Anyone in Search of a New Career.
  • Curious Machine Enthusiasts.

Source: udemy.com 


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