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Mind Power – Change Your Thought Process To Change Your Life

Change Your Belief System to Have a Breakthrough In personal as well as professional Life

Mind Power - Change Your Thought Process To Change Your Life
Mind Power – Change Your Thought Process To Change Your Life

Source: udemy.com

1.5 hours on-demand video
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What you’ll learn

  • At the end of this course, you will be able to comprehend and regulate your thought process for emotional health.
  • You will also learn to differentiate between unhealthy ideas and how to eliminate or stop the unhealthy ones.


  • Before beginning this course, you must be willing to recognize and accept your flaws while also appreciating your strengths.
  • Please be prepared to complete the exercises outlined in this course in order to experience the true transformation that can transform your life.
  • To receive the best advantage from this course, please do not skip any lectures and do not advance until you have completed all of them.
  • Finally, I would recommend, “Keep an open mind,” because our mind is like a parachute… and it works best when it is OPEN.

Have you ever given any thought to the factors that motivate some people to keep going when others would give up?

What motivates a person to channel their attention and efforts toward the achievement of a specific objective? What, in the end, is it that determines whether one lives a life of joy or one of misery? Beliefs are the key to understanding.

Just Imagine… is there anything that could possibly be more significant than our mind process and the thoughts that we have? Our thoughts are responsible for the creation of our reality, the world in which we spend the vast majority of our most precious time and energy. The quality of your thinking, which is of much greater importance, will decide the quality of your existence. The ideas that we have on a daily basis give rise to the beliefs that we have, and it is these beliefs that define who we are (in a good way or in a bad way).

Our thought process is something that is actually something that we are engaged in every single day of our lives; however, we always take it for granted without even acknowledging the fact that whatever we are doing and however we are feeling (emotionally) is completely dependent on our thought process and that it is completely in our control to make a difference in our life with the way that we are thinking about things.

Changing one’s beliefs or their way of thinking is not an easy task. In spite of what certain authors and presenters may try to convince you of, deeply embedded beliefs are not going to vanish via the application of a single miraculous approach or technique. But if your contentment and achievement are priorities for you, it is possible to achieve both.

You will learn the whole “blueprint” to liberate yourself from the slavery of thoughts in this course, which are the thoughts that limit your achievement. This class is designed to make you think, which in turn will assist you in becoming more conscious of the patterns of thought that you engage in and in learning how to exercise control over your thoughts rather than allowing them to exercise control over you…

Therefore, if you want to make a significant improvement in YOUR level of pleasure and emotional well-being, all you need to do is make some adjustments to YOUR BELIEF SYSTEM AND YOUR THOUGHT PROCESS.

Who should take this course: This course is for anyone who wants to develop a healthy lifestyle for themselves and experience breakthroughs in both their personal and professional lives.

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Link đăng ký miễn phí (1000 slots): https://www.udemy.com/course/master-the-power-of-your-mind-to-be-more-successful/?couponCode=MAY2022FREE001

How to change an organisation’s culture

Learn the tools and techniques to change your organisation’s or team’s culture.

How to change an organisation
How to change an organisation

Source: udemy.com

1 hour on-demand video
4 downloadable resources
Full lifetime access
Access on mobile and TV

Even if you want to make great changes and run successful projects, it can be hard to do so without the buy-in and support of your team and the organization as a whole. Trying to make changes in a culture that is negative, toxic, or has been stuck for a long time is almost impossible, so work needs to be done on that culture first. This course will show you the steps to take and the tools to use.

You will learn the following in this class:

– The basics of how to change a culture (the what and the why).

– How to change a culture and what tools you need (8 tool methodology).

– How to use the tools when and why (short, medium and long term).

– How to handle a change in culture (process to follow, case study to replicate).

– How to develop a new, pro-change way of thinking!

Changing the culture of an organization is a skill that is in high demand in the workplace today. As organizations grow, they don’t always change their cultures in a way that keeps people from feeling left behind, disenfranchised, and resistant to change. We want to change the culture of our organizations so that everyone is open to change, excited about trying new things, and willing to work together.

This course will teach you how to change the culture of your organization for the better right now.

This course is for people who work in business.

  • Professionals in business improvement
  • Managers/Team Leaders People in charge of operations
  • People with small businesses
  • Graduates of Project Managers

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Link đăng ký: https://www.udemy.com/course/how-to-change-an-organisations-culture/?couponCode=F6135BCF1805E19CB48D

Aerospace Masterclass: Aircraft Design

Become an Aircraft Designed by Building Business Jet From Scratch

Aerospace Masterclass: Aircraft Design Become an Aircraft Designed by Building Business Jet From Scratch
Aerospace Masterclass: Aircraft Design

Source: udemy.com

4.5 hours on-demand video
1 article
3 downloadable resources
Full lifetime access

The primary objective of the Aircraft Design course is to give you the skills necessary to construct completely functional aircraft from scratch. I will offer you with a comprehensive workbook that outlines every aspect of building a vehicle, from statistical analysis to the final assessment of the aircraft’s balance characteristics.

You will begin by gaining an understanding of the fundamentals of Aerospace engineering by concentrating on Aircraft courses and the fundamental physics explaining the forces applied to any flying vehicle. Then, you will be introduced to your aircraft design project, a business jet that you will learn to construct during the duration of the course. You will complete the subsequent project:

Create a civil transport aircraft for commercial use. The type of aircraft is an aircraft known as a Business Jet. The aircraft shall be granted extra passenger cabin space. The only available class is regular business class.

The aircraft must meet the following specifications:

Transport a minimum of 12 passengers, excluding the cabin crew.

The largest wing span of the bird is 20 meters.

Transonic planes are required to meet noise limits. Its cruise speed should not exceed 980 kilometers per hour.

The maximum flight altitude should not exceed F500 or 15,000 feet.

The airplane must have a minimum range of 3000 kilometers with a single fuel tank.

The engines shall permit a maximum takeoff distance of 2,000 meters.

Link đăng ký miễn phí: https://www.udemy.com/course/aircraft-design/?couponCode=YANEV_FREE5

Aerospace Masterclass: Transonic Aerodynamics

Learn Aerodynamics from Beginner to Expert and How to Design Airfoils and Wings of Commercial Aircrafts

Source: udemy.com

8 hours on-demand video
1 article
1 downloadable resource
Full lifetime access

This course in transonic aerodynamics focuses on the study of the flow of air around an airplane, although many of the ideas covered are applicable to a vast array of applications, from standard automobiles to Formula 1 bolides. This course in aerodynamics will provide students with an advanced understanding of the concepts and techniques utilized in the aerodynamic analysis and design of transonic aircraft.

Today, all transport aircrafts fly at transonic speeds, thus this course will teach you everything you need to know to build commercial aircraft such as Boeing or Airbus. The course will conclude with a hands-on activity in which you will apply everything you’ve learned to the creation of your own airfoil using open-source software.

Link đăng ký free:  https://www.udemy.com/course/transonic-aerodynamics/?couponCode=YANEV_FREE5

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