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(Bestseller) Practical Next.js & React – Build a real WebApp with Next.js

Build Fullstack WebApp with Next.js, React, and Strapi backend. Storybook components library. Practical Next.js & React



11 hours on-demand video
Free | Full lifetime access

  • Learn core NextJS pre-rendering, SSR, data fetching, routing
    Create actual projects with unique components library, styled components, and Storybook
  • Learn how to build full-stack ReactJS apps with NextJS
  • The latest ecosystem of a NextJS from the ground
  • Create a backend with Strapi and learn full-stack development with NextJS

Discover how simple it is to create an accurate Fullstack web application with React and Next.js in this lesson!

Next.js provides the most incredible experience possible for developers by including all of the capabilities that are required for production, such as support for TypeScript, hybrid static and server rendering, wise bundling, route pre-fetching, and many more. There is no need to configure anything.

Next.js is the framework ready for production and used by React.js!

Thanks to Next.js’s support for data fetching, you can render material in various ways. Pre-rendering can be done with Server-side Rendering or Static Generation. Incremental Static Regeneration can be used to create new content or update existing material while it is being rendered. It has the potential to make your applications run incredibly quickly!

Throughout the duration of the class, we will focus on the most vital themes.

During our time together spent coding, we will attempt to put into practice the TDD or TLD methodologies that have been introduced. Even though you probably do not have sufficient experience with the examinations, it is not a problem because the course may still provide you with an ideal way to study it. You are guaranteed that your code operates as you anticipated when you work with it in conjunction with test cases. This is both the point of the exams and one of their benefits.
Instruments for the testing: Jest, the Testing Library for React

The components library is typically constructed using Storybook, which is the most convenient method. From our point of view, this is the most fundamental aspect of the course. After successfully installing and configuring Storybook, we will be presented with a comprehensive components spec. Components Driven Development is the name given to this methodology.
To construct UI components, extremely powerful toolkits such as CSS-IN-JS, EmotionJS, and Styled-Components can be utilized. Even the most intricate component styles can be quickly developed and maintained by it.

We utilize EmotionJS, the styled-components API, and NextJS to bring Dark and Light modes to your application.

Now featuring industry-leading Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery capabilities, GitHub Actions makes it simple to automate your development activities. Your code can be built, tested, and deployed without leaving GitHub. Code reviews, branch management, and problem triaging should function according to your preferences. We develop the workflow for our deployment!

Last but not least, it’s Redux. Redux is an elegant framework for managing the state of an application. We will use the Redux-Toolkit library because it makes working with Redux much easier.

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PMP® Certification Exam Prep (2022) | 300 Practice Questions

6 Lite Mock Exams with 300 Practice & Scenario-based Questions + DETAILED SOLUTIONS


PMP® Certification Exam Prep (2022) | 300 Practice Questions
PMP® Certification Exam Prep (2022) | 300 Practice Questions

This practice test’s questions are based on material from the sixth edition of the PMBOK® Guide and represent the most recent version of the PMP exam.

There will be 6 “Lite” mock exams for you to take, each with 50 questions (300 Questions with NO Repetition). Additionally, you will receive Free updates and Lifetime access.

These practice examinations, designed to be finished in an hour, help you test your knowledge on condensed versions of the PMP exam and make the most of your study time.

To help you organically acclimate to a higher test score requirement, the passing score requirements in this exam preparation are just a little higher than the actual exam.

The practice tests cover the PMP exam’s whole range.

Questions with scenarios that test your ability to select the appropriate response.

A thorough explanation follows each question.

There is just ONE right response for each question.

The ability to suspend an exam and restart it at a later time.

The ten PMBOK® Guide Knowledge Areas covered in this exam are as follows:

Project Management Integration

Manage the scope of a project

Schedule management for projects

Project Cost Control

Manage the quality of a project

Resource Management for Projects

Management of Project Communications

Risk Management for Projects

Management of project procurement

Management of project stakeholders

This PMP Exam Prep also has questions on professional responsibility and the entire project management framework, much like the actual PMP exam. You can apply the principles in real life and on the exam thanks to the situational and scenario-based questions.

You will ace the test on your first attempt if you review all the questions and comprehend the solutions. You’ll be able to examine the answers to each question after each test, which will undoubtedly assist you in avoiding making the same errors on the exam.

CV / Resume for Experienced & Freshers

A comprehensive guide on how you can build a better resume


“Every professional needs a CV / Resume to showcase their offerings, but unfortunately, most of the CVs are rejected by employers and end up in the trash because of poorly structured information, too little or too many irrelevant details, unprofessional formatting etc.

This course guides you on how you can prepare a professional resume whether you are a fresher or an experienced candidate, using relevant information, correct structuring of information and simple formatting.

So what you are going to learn in this course?

• How you can build a professional CV using attention-grabbing words and numbers
• Structuring information correctly
• Elegant and simple formatting

Course lessons:

Different sections of a CV

• The 7 key sections to include in your CV / Resume
• Understanding the purpose of each section
• Information not to include in your resume


• How to draft your professional title
• Information to include in your contact details
• Structuring contact information in the correct order


• Purpose of summary
• How to summarize your professional information to stand out
• Keeping it concise


• Understanding the purpose of Hard Skills and Soft Skills
• Structuring your skills in the correct order


• What to write if you do not have any work experience
• How to list your contributions in a concise manner


• Purpose of education in a CV
• Information to include

Achievements / Awards

• The 2 kinds of achievements that you can write


• Why an organization would want to know about your interests?
• Hobbies/interests that you should be including in your CV” (Source:

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