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The Rhythm of English

The American Accent: How to Sound as Smooth as a Native Speaker. Source: udemy.com

“Maybe you’ve worked on your vowels and consonants, but you still don’t sound as smooth as a native speaker? Sounding choppy and stressing every word is the surest way to have people tune you out. Learn the secrets of smooth English, in detail, from this passionate instructor. This course is her labor of love. Learn the nature of English stress, how to energize and de-energize a syllable, which words to stress, how to stress them, what do do with words we don’t stress and all sorts of tools for de-stressing a word, including reductions, contractions, linking and blending. You’ll even learn how to identify and produce the different types of T, which can make or break your rhythm. This course has more detail than any other course on rhythm. You’ll learn how to connect past tense words to the next word and how to make “an” sound natural in front of a noun. You’ll learn the pronunciation difference between “built in 1990” and “built-in hot tub.” Lessons are varied so you won’t get bored. Pictures, stories and poems help illustrate the lessons. Practice the lessons by listening to and repeating sentences over and over with the repetition audio recordings in the resource sections. Repetition practice improves your listening and observation skills while it hones your muscle memory. Print out the written material for note taking and guiding yourself through the practice audio. Free monthly live Zoom office hour for students who have completed at least 50% of the course. This course can be taken in conjunction with Word Stress and either of the courses on vowels or consonants. What are you waiting for? Learn the ins and outs of the American accent.” Source: udemy.com

Udemy | The Rhythm of English & English Consonants | Free
Udemy | The Rhythm of English & English Consonants | Free

Link đăng ký miễn phí vĩnh viễn, 150 enrolls, cập nhật 09/11/2022:


American English Consonants for All

Pronunciation & Accent Training for IT Professionals from all Language Backgrounds. Source: udemy.com

Udemy - American English Consonants for All
Udemy – American English Consonants for All

“Requirements: the ability to read English

Description: You can learn to articulate clearly! Messy consonants make it difficult or impossible for others to understand you. Learn to produce and distinguish between all the English consonants at the beginning, in the middle or at the end of a word. The course is dense with detail about every consonant, so you may have to watch certain parts more than once to make sure you’ve got it. You’ll learn different spelling patterns for each consonant sound. You’ll learn the common pitfalls for each consonant sound and how to avoid them. And you’ll l earn how consonants change as they connect to other words. Example sentences are from every day life as well as high tech or business fields, so you will be exposed to a variety of vocabulary. The course includes repetition audio practice so you can repeat the sentences over and over again to develop muscle memory. This course has lessons for learners from various language backgrounds. It will be beneficial for Chinese, Indian, Vietnamese, Japanese, Spanish, French, German, Russian speakers and more. The instructor has free office hours on Zoom once a month, so you are invited to meet her for questions and to have her check your pronunciation and whether you are incorporating the information properly.

Who this course is for: Anyone who wants to improve their pronunciation of American English” Source: udemy.com

Link đăng ký miễn phí vĩnh viễn, 150 enrolls, cập nhật 09/11/2022:



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