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Video Production, YouTube Marketing, & Video Marketing Guide

Video Production, Video Editing, Adobe Premier Pro, Adobe After Effects, Animations, YouTube Marketing, YouTube Rankings

Video Production YouTube Marketing Video Marketing Guide
Video Production YouTube Marketing Video Marketing Guide


  • 17 hours on-demand video
  • 66 downloadable resources
  • Full lifetime access

Upskill yourself and learn how to create, professional quality, compelling video content; this is the most in-demand skill needed by recruiters today. Learn the art of video creation with expert feedback from an industry insider who’s produced material for household companies like Pepsi.

Figure Out How to Achieve a Higher Ranking on YouTube. You should educate yourself on both video search engine optimization and youtube search engine optimization in order to optimize your youtube channel for improved video search engine results.

Discover why it is absolutely necessary to optimize your content for success and be familiar with how to target and retarget your audience, as well as learn about the three new metrics that Facebook has introduced.

Learn the Six Steps to Shooting Professional-Quality Cinematic Video, and Acquire a Valuable New Skill That You Can Profit from Over and Over Again.

Discover why the customer journey is so important, the number one reason why so many people fail on social media; learn how to avoid the most common mistake, and achieve many more conversions as a result.

Using a DJI Drone and Go Niche as a professional drone video developer, you may capture breathtaking aerial footage from above. Develop content that draws clicks and encourages users to share it.

Get access to potent video editing guides as well as additional video editing super-hacks in order to produce videos that have a professional appearance and are extremely shareable.

Useful guides to the video editing software Adobe Premier Pro, the camera DJI Osmo, and the microphone Rode to assist you in creating fluid and high-quality video material with only your smartphone.

Discover how to develop compelling Facebook Video Ads that consistently attract the interest of customers, as well as how to select the appropriate kind of Facebook Video Ad for your needs.

Learn how to make the Most of Your Investment in Traffic Ads With a Video Creation Toolkit That Will Drive Never-Ending Streams of Visitors to Your Website

If you want to bolster the profile of your company on Facebook and Instagram, you need to understand why engagement and video views are so important.

Learn how to develop the kind of content that Facebook ranks highly so that your Facebook Video Ads and Facebook Video Marketing may achieve the most amount of reach and engagement possible.

You may reap huge profits by following the blueprints that we’ll show you and copying the winning strategies that we’ve used in our most successful Facebook Video Marketing campaigns.


With this Powerful Step-by-Step Guide to Video Production and YouTube Marketing, you can learn how to become a filmmaker, improve your lifestyle, travel the world, and tap into the media income stream that is expanding the quickest and is the most profitable around…

It only takes one professionally produced video to completely transform your company, bringing you a flood of new clients, increasing your sales and the number of people who follow you on social media and sign up for your newsletter, and assisting you in reaching the all-important first page spots on Google and YouTube…

The following new material has been added to The Complete Video Production & YouTube Marketing Course:

Animated videos

YouTube rankings guidelines

YouTube content creation guides

Tutorials on the use of Toonly for the creation of animated videos

Adobe After Effects tutorials for the creation of animated sequences

Adobe Premiere Pro training became more user-friendly.

A step-by-step guide to making captivating ad carousels for Facebook

Huge resource centre

Learning is made more enjoyable with activities like quizzes and writing projects.

Video is the most popular content medium in the world, and it is shared on social media platforms at a rate that is 1,200 times higher than any other type of content. According to YouTube, the consumption of mobile video is increasing by at least one hundred percent annually, and it is anticipated that by the year 2022, approximately 80 percent of all content shared will be video.

Because we are so enthusiastic about the efficacy of video and because we are aware that this is such an important content medium, which is only going to become even more essential to the success of your marketing efforts in the future, we decided to combine our respective areas of expertise in order to create this in-depth training program for you.

It is possible for a single video that has been professionally created to Have Serious Impact, resulting in a sizeable increase in sales, the acquisition of new customers and followers, and a dramatic ascent in search engine rankings. If you have video content, there is a 53 times greater chance that you will appear on the first page of Google search results. If you include video on a landing page, there is an 80 percent greater chance that visitors will make a purchase.

If you want to make the most of your marketing efforts in today’s visually driven and competitive environment, one of the most important skills you can acquire is the ability to produce compelling video content. Ninety-one percent of video marketers currently believe that video is a crucial component of their overall marketing strategy.

In addition to this, the vast majority of individuals are unable to capture and promote video content in the appropriate manner; therefore, if you are able to do so, you will have an advantage over all of your other competitors. Because of the professional expertise you’ll have, not only will you generate a steady flow of sales and signups, but you’ll also be in high demand as a video marketer and as a video producer. This is because of your extensive product understanding.

If you want to understand the ins and outs of video creation and video marketing, you should enroll in this comprehensive course since it is the only one you will ever need.

Research has shown that visitors stay on sites with video for approximately 2.6 times longer than they do on pages that do not contain video. Using the power of video, you can increase engagement and attract more sign-ups, as well as sales.

If you add video to your social feeds, your audience will be 10 times more likely to engage with and share your posts, which will result in you gaining more followers.

With the power of video, you can sell more products in a shorter amount of time. This is because 79 percent of customers have claimed that they would rather watch a product video than read monotonous text on a webpage.

When you have mastered the art of video production and marketing, you will have a tremendous tool at your disposal to tap into a virtually limitless income stream that is only going to continue to expand in the near future.

When you enroll in this course, you will receive useful knowledge that you can use to the benefit of your own brand or to strengthen the effectiveness of your marketing activities. Additionally, if you want to diversify your income, you’ll be in a wonderful position to switch occupations and make a lucrative stream of income working as a professional video content creator for brands all over the world. This is an option for you if you want to diversify your income.

You will be able to quickly improve your skills with the help of our straightforward walkthrough guides, high-quality video explainers, To-Do Lists, worksheets, primers, tool, and tips. This will enable you to produce impactful digital video content and successfully sell it.

This course provides you with everything you need to become skilled as a professional video content developer, covering the following topics and more:

Video production made easy, including the skill of making videos that have the potential to become viral as part of this comprehensive guide.

How to Shoot Professional-Level Cinematic Video in These 6 Steps

Learn Professional Editing Techniques Using the Most Popular Software in the Industry, Including Adobe Premier Pro, Adobe After Effects, and Toonly

How to Make Money as a Freelance Video Creator While Traveling the World, Being Creative, and Doing What You Love to Do [Guide to Making Money as a Freelance Video Creator]

Using drones to capture jaw-dropping video footage from the sky.

Using Search Engine Optimization on YouTube to Dramatically Increase the Number of Video Views and Shares

The craft of professional video production for establishments such as nightclubs and bars as well as events and brands

Utilizing the DJI Osmo and a Rode Microphone to achieve sound quality on par with that of a professional

Creating breathtaking movies of your travels that enable you to earn money while giving you the opportunity to experience a jet-setting lifestyle

Learn the advanced marketing strategies that are being employed by the experts on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

There is a great deal more, in addition to a plethora of additional guides, tools, tips, and trade secrets…!

This is a very value packed course with Tested, Proven Techniques that have been successfully applied by professionals already working in the business, such as course co-author Chaply RZBLZ. This is a course that offers a lot of bang for your buck. If you sign up, we promise that you won’t be disappointed to see that every dollar of your enrollment fee was put to good use.

Why would you want to throw away your money on courses that cost more but do an inadequate job of preparing you for success in a competitive market sector when this course provides all you need to know to thrive in that environment?

You will need to put in a little bit of effort, but we guarantee that if you follow our advise and tactics, you will see results in a short amount of time.

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