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JavaScript & TypeScript

As time goes on, the web age changes, and new tools and architectures are made to deal with problems that are unique to older systems. TypeScript is part of this change, but what is it exactly?

JavaScript is one of the most used programming languages for both the client and the server. If you’ve ever worked on a project that used JavaScript, you already know how it works. But we will talk more about TypeScript, which is an alternative programming language to JavaScript. We will talk about its features and benefits.

When using JavaScript, you can declare a variable as a string and then later reassign the same variable as an integer. But it can’t do everything. Changing the data type of a variable can cause your performance to vary.

Microsoft has made TypeScript, a new JavaScript language. It was made to be better than JavaScript. It uses the same syntax and has all of the new features that ES6 (ECMAScript programming language version 6) supports, as well as classes. TypeScript adds features like type-inference, generics, private class members, and inheritance that make JavaScript’s built-in object-oriented features better.

TypeScript’s Features:

TypeScript, a fast JavaScript alternative, is vital for building massive code base applications. Angular uses TypeScript. Master these features to make your codebase more robust, cleaner, and easier.

  • Inference

TypeScript determines the variable’s data type based on its initial value. It is a major time-saver because you do not have to explicitly specify the data type for all variables. Number, Boolean, and string are primitive type annotations. Array, enum, and void annotations help TypeScript data types.

  • Typecheck

Typescript detects various problems during runtime. In large projects with numerous developers, a change in one portion of the code affects the complete codebase. TypeScript saves developers time and hassle by verifying that their code will compile.

  • OOP (OOP)

Object-oriented languages help us maintain a clean, stable codebase. In addition, TypeScript aids OOP with easy-to-use classes, interfaces, and modules in a more elegant style in comparison to JavaScript interfaces.

TypeScript classes, interfaces, and modules work well. Client-aspect and server-aspect development can use natural object-oriented programming. It outshines JavaScript. OOP functions also structure TypeScript code.

  • Generics

This feature allows flexible coding for several data types. Users can write data types. This feature is common in programming languages, but to use Generic with TypeScript, one must write a type parameter “T” (can be named differently because T is a placeholder) inside the open < and close > bracket and a specify type function removeFirstEntryFromArray() must precede to know the user’s type.

Support ES6
ES6 supersedes TypeScript. It has all ES6 features and more. Lambda functions are examples. Anonymous capabilities (classes, interfaces, arrow capabilities, etc.) in ES6 offer a modest alternative.

  • Compatibilities

JavaScript matches TypeScript tasks. TypeScript is a strict superset of ECMAScript 2015, which is a superset of JavaScript, ECMAScript 5. Thus, TypeScript program can easily consume JavaScript. The compiler targets ECMAScript 5, the current standard, but can also generate constructs for ECMAScript 3 or 2015.

TypeScript makes it easier to reuse JavaScript code, include popular libraries, and call TypeScript-generated code from other JavaScript. The provided code includes library type declarations.

Practical JavaScript & TypeScript Mastery with Projects

Practical JavaScript & TypeScript Mastery with Projects
Practical JavaScript & TypeScript Mastery with Projects
  • 9.5 hours on-demand video
  • Free | Full lifetime access (150 enrolls)

Learn to build real world applications and websites using JavaScript and TypeScript features. sss

What you’ll learn:

  • “You will learn everything about JavaScript
  • You learn different JavaScript and ES6 concepts with hands-on practical examples
  • You will learn to use different JavaScript and ES6 concepts to build projects of your own
  • You will learn the skill of debugging, finding issue and fixing them
  • You will learn about the difference between JavaScript and Typescript
  • You will learn about the Advantages of using Typescript
  • You will learn to setup Typescript and various concepts of Typescript
  • You will learn to debug any Typescript based application
  • You will learn everything in hands-on based practical example based approach” Source:

“In this course, you will learn different concepts of JavaScript and ECMA Script 6 in a complete practical hands-on based approach.

There is no prerequisite for this course. Anyone with an interest to learn will be able to get started.

This course not only covers different topics of JavaScript and ES6 from scratch but also has many projects and real-world scenarios that will make a real modern JavaScript developer.

Following are the topics that will be covered in this Javascript Mastery course:

Setup Installation

JavaScript Introduction

ECMAScript evolution

Different types of Data types in Javascript

Variables & Constants

Different types of Comments in Javascript

Various Operators and their working on Operands

String and String manipulation

What is Variable Scoping

Control statement like if, else, switch-case-break

Loops – for, for of, forEach, while, do-while

Working with Arrays

Working with Objects

What are Functions and how to create custom functions and call them

What is the use of Prompt

What is the use of Confirm

What is the use of Alert

What is Document Object Model(DOM)

DOM manipulation using Javascript

Event and Event Listener

Set Timeout and Set Interval

Clear Timeout and Clear Interval

Date and Time operation and using its various methods

Working with Math Object

Working with JSON

Window and document object

location and history

localStorage and sessionStorage

Calling API with Fetch

What is the Ternary operator and how to use it.

What is the Array Filter function and how to use it.

Debugging and Troubleshooting in JavaScript

Template literals (Template strings) in ES6

Object Destructuring assignment in ES6

let and const

Spread operator

Arrow function expressions

We will also do Multiple projects in order to understand different concepts.

You will also get the complete source code of the whole course

Welcome to this Typescript and React Typescript Masterclass course.

In this course you will the following:

What is Typescript

Difference between JavaScript and Typescript

Features of Typescript with Real Practical Handson Examples for each concept

Learn to install and use required software

What is Transpiler

What is the difference between Transpiling and Compiling

Writing Compiling and Running our first Typescript program

Transpiling in watch mode for any new changes

Variable declaration and scopes – let const var

Data Types explanation

Declaring variables with Data Types

Template String in Typescript

Sub types in Typescript

Arrays and Tuple in Typescript

Enum in Typescript

Any type in Typecsript

Unknown type in Typescript and Type casting

Type inference in Typescript

Multi type or Union type in Typescript

Functions and Typescript

Optional function parameters in Typescript

Default function parameters in Typescript

Why we need Interface in Typescript

Interface Example

Class and Object in Typescript

Inheritance in Typescript

Access modifiers in Typescript

Who this course is for:
Anyone who wants to learn about frontend development and want to become a true Frontend Developer
Anyone who wants to learn Typescript and start using Typescript” Source:

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